Ways to Welcome Spring

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring or the Vernal Equinox, signifies the beginning of Spring and the end of long, wintery nights.  The Latin roots of the word “equinox” come from the Latin words aequi, which means “equal,” and nox, which means “night”, pointing to this day of balance in regards to 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.  

    Across cultures, traditions and time periods, the spring equinox has represented new beginnings. Seeds are sprouting and buds are beginning to bloom externally, and on an internal level, we have the opportunity to till our inner soils. We can cultivate and sprout the wisdom of whatever we turned inward over the winter months and bring it back into the light. 

 “Spring cleaning” is something that is often referred to during this season which can happen externally or internally…and ideally both!  Just as we sweep out the rooms of our homes, open the windows to fresh air and wipe down the surfaces, internally we clear out the cobwebs of beliefs that no longer serve us, remember to move in ways that fuel our bodies and move to brighter and lighter foods for new growth and renewal.  

How do you wish to welcome Spring this year?  

Reflect, Meditate and Journal

     If you feel inclined, take some time to reflect on your internal and external experience from the winter months.  Talking to a close friend or writing your thoughts in a journal can offer a deeper, more clarifying experience.  How do you honor what you learned, what you wished for, what you let go of, as you move into this new season?  What projects are you most excited about?  What new hobbies do you wish to explore?  What are your deepest wishes for 2023 and how do you feel it’s best to put this plan into action? 

Deep Clean Your Space 

    Take some time to deep clean one or all of the following: your home, your car or your office. Spring cleaning of course involves deeply cleaning the space around us but also allows for an opportunity to let go of what is no longer needed.  Notice clutter, items that no longer resonate with you, clothing you don’t wear, and donate them to a local charity or host a Spring Swap with close friends and family!  Clearing clutter and creating clean and serene spaces around us directly affects how we feel internally and creates more space and clarity mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Turn up your favorite playlist and enjoy spring cleaning both your inner and outer worlds!  

Take Time for Self Care

    Self care is important all year long, but taking intentional time for yourself as the days become longer is a wonderful way to celebrate Spring!  Self care looks different every day.  Tune into what you need and what feels most supportive.  Some days it might be a slow walk in nature, a meal at your favorite restaurant, a hot bath or sleeping in.  What better way to care for yourself than to receive a massage?  Whether you book an hour custom massage, warm up with a hot stone massage or go all in with a Spring Reboot (which entails a 90 min custom massage, a foot soak and scrub along with a beverage and treat of your choice).  Give our front desk team a call at 910-262-1122 to book your massage today!  

    Our team at Relax! Massage Therapy and Skin Care wishes you a happy spring. We hope you find ways to honor this transition and celebrate the lighter days ahead in ways that feel best to you!  Whether you pull out your journal to reflect and plan, spring clean, get a massage or all of the above… know that you have a team of massage therapists and estheticians who would be honored to be a part of your self care team!  Happy Spring!


Author – Lindsay Thomas, LMBT #08989

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