Team Work: How Does it Affect Your Life?

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is a phrase that some of our team members use often, as it highlights some important truths.  Any cohesive team is fueled by the capacity of its team members to collaborate and work together.  How does teamwork show up in your life?  

It seems obvious why this value would hold a strong place in our core values. The process of creating connections and trust within a team so people voluntarily participate takes time, effort and mindful attention.  I am wildly biased as the spa manager of Relax Massage Therapy and Skin Care, and feel that I am a part of the best team on the planet.  

In order to work together, there must be a shared mission and a shared goal.  One of our goals at Relax is to change the world by enhancing people’s lives, one massage at a time.  We work daily to offer 5 star experiences to every person who walks through our doors, and to do this takes teamwork!  From keeping our space tidy and welcoming, to the warm face that greets our clients, to the hands that fold our sheets and towels, to those behind the scenes that keep things rolling seamlessly, and to the literal hands of our estheticians and massage therapists, teamwork beats at the heart of what we do.  Each and every position at Relax is honored, respected, appreciated and necessary..  This is how we make our dreams work through our teamwork. 

As the spa manager, part of my job is to unify the team and to create a sense of togetherness and cohesiveness.  When we get off track, I course correct and remind everyone of our mission, which is to touch 1 million lives for good, by creating and maintaining a healing oasis for the Wilmington community and those who visit us.  Beyond the work that we do at the spa, this also requires each team member to be on top of their own self care in order to cultivate the attuned awareness of their surroundings and each other.  We offer a continuous invitation for team members to step up and contribute their unique gifts and to collaborate with their team members.  In order to stay focused on our mission, and to touch as many lives as possible, we must continue to find ways to work together and expand our capacity to be team players.  

How does teamwork show up in your world?  How can you cultivate more of it, if you wish to do so?  Our team at Relax would love to be a part of your “team” as you continue to tackle your dreams and you get more and more clear on what your own personal “mission” is.  To schedule your massage today, call our front desk team at 910-262-1122!  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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