After being in the business of massage Wilmington NC for 10 years, I have all the tools of the trade; heat packs, Thumper (professional mechanical massager), Biofreeze and Chinagel, head support pillows, warm massage table, Theracane, (self-massaging tool), aromatherapy oils for any type of problem, massage oils and lotions… name it , I have it. So, do you think I take time here at home to use any of that stuff on myself? Of course not! Ha, self-care…the one thing we all “know” we should do, but rarely take the time to do for ourselves.

Hence, the reason I schedule regular Wilmington NC massage, acupuncture and chiropractic appointments for myself- I won’t do it if it’s left up to me. I have needles to give myself acupuncture, I have tools for massage, but at home I am always too busy to take care of me. I need to step away and let someone else take care of me for an hour so I can relax and heal from the stress and strain of everyday life. Why is that important?

Think about what chronic stress does to you… this is taken from wikipedia: Chronic stress is the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control. It involves an endocrine system response in which occurs a release of corticosteroids. If this continues for a long time, it can cause damage to an individual’s physical and mental health.


In humans, symptoms of chronic stress can vary from anxiety, depression, social isolation, headache, abdominal pain or lack of sleep to back pain and difficulty concentrating. Other symptoms include:

In severe cases it can lead to panic attacks or a panic disorder. Stress plays a role in triggering or worsening depression and cardiovascular disease.[9]


Does taking an hour once or twice or more a month to get a massage make a difference? Yes! Massage therapy Wilmington NC helps counter stress by releasing hormones that facilitate the parasympathetic response (the opposite of all that negative stuff you read above) by relaxing the brain and the body to encourage healing.

Don’t wait until you have some or all of those symptoms to start taking care of yourself! Schedule with Relax Massage Therapy or an acupuncture appointment today! I look forward to helping you feel your best!