Starting with the Heartbeat of the Matter: LOVE!

For the next several weeks we invite you to join us for a deep dive into our core values and to get curious around the foundational principles Relax! was built upon. Relax! was founded in July, 2002 and July, 2022, we will be celebrating 20 years of business! Gretchen, the owner and founder of Relax!, relied for years on her intuition and her own core values of honesty, integrity and love to build the business.


     As the business grew however, she found that not everyone shared the same value system she did. Five years ago, as part of a business development course, she and her team decided to work on establishing the Core Values that Relax! would run on. During the process, they came up with 6 Core Values that define Relax! and who we are as a business and as a team. If people we choose to be on the team eventually don’t display these values, they are no longer on the team.    


      When people are in the business of helping people heal, it is vitally important that the core of it all is based in Love. Love is a power that transforms people’s lives and beings. It is the Power that enables us to help YOU heal and feel great again. Our goal is to enhance our customer’s lives by loving them so much they feel great and come back again and again to receive the healing power of touch that we offer. We want to help transform not only your life, but the lives of those you touch after you leave Relax! 


     Many people chuckle when they hear that “Love” is one of our core values, yet we stand strong in the importance of this integral and pivotal part of our team and our roots.  Self awareness and investigation is ingrained within the fabric of our team at Relax and this specific value asks, “Are our actions based in love?”  If we follow the thread of our intention deep to its roots, what do we find?  And what happens if we make it a practice to “course correct” and “remember” where we wish to make decisions from and where we wish to live our lives from?  Love is the heartbeat of our team at Relax and we are wildly grateful to the transformational power within love itself as a guide post to lead us back to what matters most.  


     Our leadership team meets frequently to review progress, to set future goals, to collaborate, to dream and to plan. Whenever we have to make a tough decision, we refer back to our Core Values and let them lead us to the correct course of action.  The conversations at these meetings always lead us back to our core values, which bring us back to our roots, and the heart of the matter, which for our team is, Love. 


     Sprinkled throughout the workspaces at the spa, our “wheel of core values” can be found displayed on the walls as a reminder of what collaboration looks like and what values weave us together as a team.  This wheel is a nudge to our team to remember our roots, with each core value offering a course correct, which keeps our team on track and rooted in love!


      We hope you feel the love that inspires us every day to work on making the world a better place through the power of touch that we offer here at Relax! We hope you continue to come back again and again for the rejuvenating power of massage done with love. If you’ve forgotten how wonderful it feels, give us a call at 910-262-1122 or you can book a massage online by clicking the link above.  

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