Spring Has Sprung! Don’t Let Yourself get “Sproinged”!

Spring is in full swing and along with the budding flowers, whirls of pollen and warmer temperatures, many of us have the opportunity to return to activities that we stepped away from for the colder months.  With this can come a burst of energy and inspiration and sometimes strains and sprains as our bodies remember our more active lifestyles. We recently shared a blog about ways to welcome spring!  If you missed it, you can check it out here!  What are your favorite ways to celebrate spring?  What are your favorite Spring activities?  


As always, our team at Relax has got your back and we encourage you to enjoy the warmer weather and to perhaps find a new and exciting activity to freshen things up!  Check out a new beach walk, try a new exercise routine or class!           


Dr. Gretchen shares some advice to live by, especially in the Spring:

  1.  Warm up before you go outside to do gardening or any activity.  If it is an activity that you have not done in a while, take some extra time to stretch, walk and warm up beforehand.  
  2. Drink lots of water even when you don’t feel hot and sweaty!  Dehydration occurs even if it’s windy and cool.  The wind wicks away moisture so you don’t feel it, but you’re still losing moisture, so drink up!  
  3. Keep your neck covered from the wind.  An ancient Chinese secret… too much wind on your neck can invade your channels and cause a spring or summer cold.  
  4. Consider changing your massage routine and check out a sports massage or cupping!  This can help your muscles be better prepared to handle the new movements that you are putting your body through.  
  5. Take time to celebrate Spring!  Take some time to slow down and smell the tulips!  Spring is such a beautiful time of year and its beauty is magnified when we take time to notice it!  


Our team at Relax wishes you a happy Spring season and are here to be a part of your self care team!   Give our front desk team a call today to book your next service at 910-262-1122.  

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