Sports Massage is for Everyone! (Especially Our Weekend Warriors)

Do you consider yourself an athlete?  For many of us, the label “athlete” is reserved for the die hard runners, gym dwellers and go-getters of the world.  In doing so there is a tendency to undermine the athletics of our day-to-day lives and more mundane activities that keep us active and dare we say, “athletic”.  At the front desk we spend time every day talking with clients to match them with the perfect massage therapist, as well as book them with the service that will best meet their needs.  


    Whether you consider yourself to be an “athlete” or not, sports massage may be the best massage for you at certain times because it offers specific bodywork that helps with mobility, flexibility, recovery and maintenance.  The session itself tends to be less relaxing and more focused as the massage therapist is trained in specific techniques that cater to warm ups for workouts, recovery after workouts, injury rehabilitation and maintenance throughout your training.  When you book a sports massage you can expect the unexpected, as your therapist might want to evaluate your posture, analyze your gait or even take a look at your shoes to begin to explore the inner workings of your body and bones.  The focus of sports massage is extremely therapeutic and result oriented. 


    Whether you run marathons, tend to your garden beds, hold and chase toddlers or aspire to make it to the gym once a week, we are cheering you on, Athlete!  Our team at Relax is here with open arms, warm tables and steamy towels to soothe your achy muscles and to assist you and support you in all of your dreams.  Whether you need to simply relax and rejuvenate or wish to prepare for an upcoming race, our team is ready to collaborate with you, support you and to have your back.  Our front desk team is happy to assist you in booking the service that will best meet your needs!  

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