Massage & Facial Combo Special

Spend a relaxing 2 hours pampering yourself with a 1 hour Massage and 1 hour Facial for just $150.00.







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Natural Relief For Muscle Spasms, Tension & Stress

Formula 303 @ relax!

P: Formula 303 (helps muscle cramps/pain, anxiety, mild insomnia)

R: Better sleep, looser muscles

I: Valerian root (helps with insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, relaxing muscles), Magnesium (helps with relaxing muscles, migraines, insomnia)

D: Follow directions on bottle

E: Relief from muscle pain/cramps, tension & stress

We have PRIDE in all of the products we sell.

We spend time to get to know our products and what they can do for you.  We don't just buy and sell, we research our products, learn about them and how they can help our clients live a better life.

P = Problem / Product

R = Results

I = Ingredients

D = Directions / Demonstration

E = Experience