Now you can have beautiful, full, permanent eyebrows in the specific color and shape of your choice! You can wake up every morning with perfectly shaped eyebrows and not have to worry about penciling them in.

Using a tiny blade-like tool, Bonnie will use delicate strokes to simulate hairs and provide you with the desired shape, color, density, and thickness of eyebrows based on your personal preference, and that is youthful, attractive, and perfectly matched to your facial structure. Microblading can be life changing for many people. It is perfect for those who want to spend less time getting ready and don't want to worry about wiping or sweating off their brows during the day! Many people use microblading to fill in and shape eyebrows that are sparse, uneven, or just not visible due to lightness of hair color. Sometimes people just want a fuller, more noticeable brow. The brows are such an important part of everyone's face. They frame the eyes and create a more beautiful, dramatic look with or without makeup. Now you can have the permanent brows of your dreams!

What to Expect

When you come to your appointment you may bring photos of the brows you would like to have or come with them drawn in the way you like them. If you aren't sure what shape will suit you best, Bonnie will work with you by measuring and drawing on your brow outline with you, using your facial structure as a guide. No blading will begin until you have decided that you love the shape you see.

Bonnie will also work with you to determine the ideal color for your brow. You will have a quick patch test to rule out any allergies and then the process will begin. Bonnie always uses numbing cream in the area to help dull the sensitivity of the blade strokes.

The blade will be used to create individual hair strokes that look exactly like strands of brow hair. When you look in the mirror, all you will see is perfect, natural looking brows.

After the procedure, your brows will be 30% darker than they will be once they have healed. As with any tattoo, there is a 30 day healing time during which you will see some scabbing, which will flake off and the color of the brows will emerge from under the skin as they heal. You will leave with post treatment instructions and your brows will fade by 30% over the next several days.

You will also be scheduled to return in 30 days for your touch-up session. During this session, Bonnie will measure and redraw your brows and add hair strokes to any areas that may have lightened or disappeared during the healing process. Your microbladed brows will last up to 2 years.

Why Should I Microblade

  • Make your eyes appear lifted
  • Fill in sparse eyebrows
  • Tame unruly eyebrows
  • Even out uneven eyebrows
  • Create eyebrows where there are none or where they aren't visible
  • Reconstruct the outer portion of the eyebrow
  • Shape the full eyebrow
  • Reduce the appearance of scars or wrinkles
  • Natural looking appearance