LED Facial

This isn’t your average facial. This doesn’t rely on chemicals that can be tough on the skin or use tools that can leave lasting redness or puffiness. If you’re noticing the effects of aging or battling blemishes, try an LED facial before opting for a more invasive procedure.

This facial combines the use of exfoliation, serums, and masks with infrared lights of differing wavelengths to address concerns like dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and acne. The LED lights stimulate collagen and elastin, promote circulation, tighten and reduce inflammation, and kill acne-causing bacteria. They are sent deep into the skin using a lighted mask that triggers natural intracellular reactions, which greatly benefit the skin in a multitude of ways.

Facial Add-ons:

High frequency - for removing blemishes - $30.00
LED light therapy - used for acne, or aging concerns, stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation - $30.00
Oxygen therapy - to enhance blood flow and increase your natural glow - $30.00
Microcurrent - tightens and lifts relaxed skin - $30.00
Microdermabrasion - a facial rejuvenation and exfoliation treatment - $30.00


  • 1 Hour - $90.00
  • 1 1/2 Hour - $135.00