The stress of being a student is real and easy to forget once stepped away from, but important to remember in order to be supportive to the students in our lives, when we are no longer students, ourselves.  Upcoming deadlines, essays, irregular sleep schedules, finances, challenging material and social dynamics are just some of the factors that contribute to the increased levels of stress involved in being a student. 

How can we best support ourselves, if we are currently students?  If we are not in school, how can we support the students in our lives?  Our team at Relax has compiled a list on how to bring school stress from a rapid boil to a manageable simmer.  

  1. Notice when stress starts to rise and label why it is happening. Sometimes the simple act of noticing and acknowledging stress can be a relief within itself. There is a tendency for stress to bubble under the surface and build unconscious tension. Take time to notice when you are stressed and locate why you are feeling it and where in your body it is located. Whether it is a certain class, an upcoming test or a combination of many different factors, labeling your “why” can slow the rapid boil.
  2. Make your to-do list and get clear on your prioritiesWriting a list of what needs to be done often creates a linear path and plan forward where, when it is all in your head, it feels jumbled and overwhelming.  Seeing your tasks laid out before you offers the opportunity to feel into what is most important and what can wait.
  3. Schedule “down time”. To combat overwhelm and burnout, it is very important to make time weekly to have down time, whatever that looks like for you.  For some it could be a walk on the beach,  and for others zoning out and watching a movie or taking a hot bath.  What is most important is that you are not studying or thinking about school but doing something that allows you to let off steam and relax.  This step is extra important when you feel you don’t have time to take this time, if that is the case, take extra down time.  No surprise that our team’s favorite way to take some down time is to schedule a massage!
  4. Breathe and stretch as you study. There is a tendency to step into auto pilot while cramming for exams where the breath becomes more shallow and the body can find some wild and uncomfortable positions.  Counteract this with awareness and invite deeper breaths, gentle movements and intentional comfortable positions as you study.  Deeper breaths and cozier work environments can support more retention of information and lead to more efficient study sessions!
  5. Create as much consistency as possible! Inconsistency can be ingrained into the lifestyle of the student… meanwhile, it is important to create consistency when possible.  To the best of your ability try to get to bed within the same hour each evening and create a regular meal schedule that works for your body and lifestyle.  With all of the wobbles involved in being in school, creating consistency where you can let your body know that you are committed to taking care of yourself, which lowers stress levels and allows for deeper relaxation.

We applaud and cheer along all of the students and encourage everyone to become more supportive and empathetic to the reality of what it means to be in school.  Our team at Relax is here for you and is part of your self care team as you achieve your academic goals and beyond!  Whether you are currently in school, were recently in school or love people who are in school, it is important for us all to lean into the support of our families and our communities.

If you want to learn how massage or acupuncture can help you deal with stress and tension, give us a call at 910-262-1122 ext 1 for massage and 2 for acupuncture.