Hello, my name is Richard Bové III, and my massage journey began when I was living in Florida working as a hairstylist.  We had to massage our clients' heads while they were laying back at the shampoo bowl. Many of my clients told me their favorite part of seeing me was the massage portion and I should pursue it further.

Personally, I had always loved massage, not only for my physical well-being, but also for my mental health. In a world full of anxiety, I truly felt like I was able to turn off my brain and relax while receiving a massage. It was a natural and holistic way for me to feel my best both physically and mentally.

So, I ended up taking my clients advice. I moved to Wilmington, earned my massage license, and fell in love with the field. I worked in both spa and medical settings first thing out of school to gain as much experience as I could. This helped me acquire skills with deep tissue massage, therapeutic techniques, relaxation/Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, and hot stone techniques. I utilize these skills to ensure that my client's goals for the session are met. Every massage is customized to my client's lifestyle and needs, ranging from light pressure to deep tissue and utilizing essential oils along with other various relaxation techniques to make even the deepest of pressure relaxing.

My passion is to help my clients meet their massage goals, improve their overall well-being and their quality of life. I look forward to helping you reach your health goals at Relax! soon!

Check out my 2 truths and a lie on our Facebook page.  The answer is: The lie is number 2. The truth is my favorite activity is rollerblading.

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