Mother’s Day…a day of joy for some, guilt for others, often a mixed bag of emotions…especially if your mother is no longer in this world, or she was never around or if she was not a great mother to begin with due to problems of her own. So, what can you do to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that brings joy to you and others if you fall into the mixed bag of emotions category?

If your mother is no longer here and you miss her a lot, you can do something to commemorate her in some way…take cards and flowers to a lady in a nursing home whose children may not be able to visit, or send a card to someone who has been a mother figure to you in your life. You could visit your mom’s grave and talk to her or you can pray and talk with her too. In her honor you could send flowers, money or help in some way to a domestic violence shelter to help mothers who need it the most.  

What about the moms who were mean or emotionally neglectful or abusive? It doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate the idea of motherhood…it simply changes who you celebrate it in honor of… could be your best friend who has stuck by you through thick and thin, it could be that teacher who always helped you and looked out for you, it could be that warm, friendly mother-type lady you work with ….the person you celebrate the month of May, doesn’t have to be a mom at all…she can simply represent motherhood in your life today.

On a good, positive note, what if the mothers in your life deserve the best? What if your mom was awesome? What if the mother of your children is amazing? What if the dad who is filling both roles is the hands-down-best dad/mom ever? What if your best friend who is struggling being a mom feels like she’s not doing the best but you know she’s rocking it?

Acknowledge them! Tell them how you feel and how much they mean to you and how proud you are of them…tell them with a card, or dinner or even better yet…..the gift of massage!! Massage gives back to them what they always willingly give to others….love and caring. It is a form of self-care that many moms don’t take time to do…so, if you give the mother in your life a massage, as an added bonus, make sure you give her time to go get the massage and enjoy the rest of her day. She will love you forever! Oh, wait, she’s a mom, of course she will love you forever….but it doesn’t hurt to give her one more reason why!