Morgan’s Massage Fusion

Morgan’s Massage Fusion is the way my massage technique has been described. One client said, “In all the years of massage that I’ve received, I’ve never received a massage quite like this! I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with body aches, pains, athletic injuries or anyone who wants to stay loose and supple. Morgan’s massage will have your body moving in all the right directions!” 

This Fusion style that I’ve developed didn’t happen overnight. I have been in the martial arts for years and knew that people needed help, often in more ways than your typical massage offers. After school I spent 3 years cultivating my own style of massage. I got certified in Asian Sports Massage and studied Lomi Lomi and Thai Yoga techniques with friends. I learned to incorporate them with other styles that blend together with each other. Lomi Lomi and Thai Yoga Massage have a heavy influence in the flow and stretching that I incorporate into the massage. This gives the body a relaxed, flowing feel as we work into each focus area. Instead of pushing through the superficial layers of muscle to get to the deeper tissue, I maneuver your body to allow access to the deep tissues with less deep pressure. I have found that if I listen carefully to what your body is saying, we can get it to let go. 

I built this style around finding ways to help my clients improve their range of motion to help them live a more active lifestyle and be healthy. This style is great for those who put a high physical demand on their body every day. Athletes, weightlifters, martial artists, marathon/triathletes, military, or emergency service providers can all benefit from this type of bodywork. There are many career fields that ask their employees to lift heavy things or bend in awkward positions, often at the same time, so this work will benefit anyone with jobs like this too.

I do not recommend this style of bodywork for people who need a lighter touch or pressure. If you are wanting a light, relaxing massage, it is better to see someone else. This work is intense and very effective, but it is not the type that will put you to sleep. You are usually actively participating and giving feedback during the massage, but you will feel more limber, loose and ready to take on the day after a session. 

I look forward to helping you regain your body’s ability to move and flow in life. Call 910.262.1122 to schedule or you can book online. If you want to schedule a massage in the Hampstead office, you must call, that can’t be done online. See you on the table soon!

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