Couples Massage

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your romance! Couples massage is a wonderful way to build intimacy with your partner. We have several different options, so choose the one that is best for you and your beloved, or you and your best friend. If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift or a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day, this is it.

  • One of our Fabulous Couples Massages: We have two beautiful couples rooms to provide an amazing couple’s massage experience. With vaulted ceilings, chic furniture, and expert therapists, this side-by-side massage experience is such a treat. You can each choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massages - whatever fits your individual needs.
  • A Unique and Different Couples Massage: This is a memorable, hands-on experience you’ll enjoy for the rest of your lives. Rather than receiving massages side-by-side, this is the ultimate couples massage experience where you learn how to massage each other. As we do the massage, we teach you how to do the techniques on your partner, so not only do you have a great time giving and receiving, you go home with the knowledge of how to connect with each other through massage.
  • The Champagne and Chocolate Couples Massage: For the couple who wants more time and attention or the person who wants to impress their significant other, this is our best couples massage package. Enjoy an hour of fabulous Swedish massage and spend extra time afterwards lounging in fluffy robes, indulging in gourmet chocolates, and sipping champagne or sparkling water. This is the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or any special occasion.
  • The BFF’s Happy Hour Couples Massage: Everyone needs some quality time with their best friend. This is perfect to enjoy with your mom, sister, or old and new friends. We know in the busy hectic lives everyone leads, it is difficult to schedule quality, uninterrupted time together. We’ve designed this package for friends who need some time away, even if it is in your own hometown! Come in and get a massage in one of our couples massage rooms. After, put on comfy robes and hang out with some wine and snacks while you reconnect and catch up with each other. The two of you will leave feeling fabulous and refreshed.

Please call 910-262-1122 to book couple massages. Prices vary by type of massages and package.


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Couples Teaching Massage:

a month ago-
We enjoyed a couples massage from Lynn that included a hands on lesson and what a great experience it was. Our Relax! masseuse was punctual, the environment was clean and calm, and she had loads of tips for us to take home and actually use. Right away she was attentive and curious about our goals for the session. We left feeling relaxed and equipped. I can’t stress enough how much this package was worth every penny.