Meet Lian

Lian Hu

Lian Hu

Massage Therapist

After doing massage for ten years in Texas, I didn’t want to stop helping people so I reached out to Relax! to see if they were hiring. Luckily for me they were and after getting settled into NC, I began working here.

I think massage is a very honored career, because we really can help a lot of people, from a physical and mental standpoint, not only to let them relax, but help them release the pain from their body and stress from work and life that makes people depressed, anxious and sad.

I like to include acupressure in my massages because when we are doing massage, we are not only doing one type of massage. Yes, the human body has 365 acupressure or we say acupuncture points. Everywhere on the body there are acupressure points. I learned that different acupressure points have different functions, so I give customers specific treatments based on their different problems.

I always mix different types of massage together because customers need to relax and also need to work out their body muscles that are tight or painful.

If a customer has an anxiety problem, our nice environment, smooth music, and gentle talk with them to learn more about what they need, will help them be calm and enjoy my massage techniques.

I look forward to helping you!

LMBT# 20752

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