Do you have signs of “Mouse” Shoulder?
I’ve coined the term “mouse shoulder” due to the frequency I see people come in with unexplained shoulder pain. They didn’t fall, they didn’t “do” anything, but they have a lot of pain in the shoulder, usually the right one, that they don’t understand, often from overuse of the mouse.
When you consider the amount of tiny abuses you subject your rotator cuff muscles to by constant mouse use, you can begin to understand why people develop stress shoulder pain.
I will explain how we help “mouse shoulder”, by giving you a case study of a client of ours.
Erik came in about two years ago with a lot of pain in his shoulder and upper back along the shoulder blade and neck. I did trigger point therapy throughout the area, clearing the spasms and tender points in the rotator cuff muscles, traps, rhomboids, and neck. The first several treatments were done as close together as possible, every 3-5 days, then once we got the pain cleared he was able to come in every two weeks for maintanence treatments. We also discussed the importance of ergonomics; making sure his arm was supported when he used the mouse and the computer was situated in a way that was comfortable. He had no recurring symptoms for almost two years! Then, as so many people do, he stopped coming in for a couple of months, stopped paying attention to his body mechanics, overused the mouse without support and boom! pain returned. Luckily, he only needed one deep treatment to relieve his neck and shoulder pain. He is again being careful about his arm support and body mechanics so now his massages are to feel great, not just to relieve pain!
This helps explain why massage is so useful to help you survive in today’s technological world. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is not good for your shoulders, neck or back. However, regular massage can help relieve tension in shoulders and also reduce shoulder pain from stress as well as prevent and alleviate painful issues that arise from overuse. So please, don’t look at massage as just an occasional thing to “treat’ yourself to. It is a vital part of healthy preventative self-care! Don’t wait until you’re in so much pain you can barely move! Come and get a massage today, for a healthier and happier you tomorrow!