Hi! My name is Jodi Bunting. What drew me to massage therapy is the natural, holistic aspect of it and my  love of anatomy. Since I was a child I was what you'd call an "old soul". I've always enjoyed helping people and was a natural nurturer.

Growing up helping take care of my elderly grandfather with all of his ailments, witnessing the debilitating toll that DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) and migraines were taking on my mother, and also having several sports injuries over the years myself, made me  realize just HOW important preventative care is. What better way to be proactive and preventative than with a natural, holistic, thousands of years old, "Tried and True" therapy like Massage Therapy?!

In 2012 I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem. Being from a small town  in NC, I moved to the Wilmington area on a whim with my best friend thinking "Why not live at the beach for a year? What a great adventure!" Once I was here that was it! I immediately fell In love with the place! I met my husband, started a family, bought a house, and here we are five years later, loving Wilmington as our HOME.

I love that there are many modalities in Massage Therapy, ensuring health benefits literally for every body. Some of the modalities I am certified in are Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Cupping, Table Thai, Sports Massage and Assisted Stretching. What I really love is integrating several modalities based on each individual client's needs. Whether it's Deep Tissue Massage for pain management, Swedish Massage for much needed relaxation, or a restorative Sports Massage after a vigorous event, I am here for your Bodywork and Massage Therapy needs. I look forward to helping you heal great and feel great! See You Soon!


"If You Listen to Your Body when it Whispers..You Won't have to hear it Scream." -Some wise yogi

LMBT #12716

Check out my 2 truths and a lie on our Facebook page.  The answer is: The lie is number 1. The truth is I am a female junior but because my MOM named me after herself.

See what our clients are saying about Jodi:

Relax! Massage is just that. A wonderful place to relax and let the staff treat you to a fantastic massage. Having major back and knee surgery it is my go to place for relief. I have always been treated extremely well and would highly recommend Relax! UPDATE: Just went to Relax again and would highly recommend Jodi Bunting...she was fantastic
I had a 60 min. prenatal massage with Jodi and she was wonderful! She’s a complete lifesaver with the pregnancy knots. The environment at Relax! is very comfortable, clean and calming. The staff are excellent and super friendly. I would definitely recommend Jodi and Relax! to anyone looking for a great massage.