Integrity: Is it Important to You?

How have you constructed your inner world in regards to your own personal values and morals?  What do you believe about honesty?  What were you taught?  These questions begin to rub us up against our own relationship with integrity.  When most people think of integrity they think of the “golden rule” and the very basic building blocks in building a moral life.  As we grow, we decide and clarify what this means and looks like.  The definition of integrity expands beyond moral principles and begins to explore the experience of wholeness within oneself.  In this sense, integrity begins to pull on the strings of authenticity, as integrity ultimately invites us into a deeper expression of who we are as an individual, and our responsibility to bring that into the world, as a gift.  Are we willing to be honest with ourselves about who we are, what we desire and what we wish to create? 


   We want to enhance the lives of those who work with us, and who come to us for work on their bodies, so, acting from a place of integrity is infinitely valuable. At one business conference we attended, the man leading the conference said. “If you’re not willing to lose money over your core values, they’re not your core values.” We took that to heart and our decisions on hiring and firing are based on this factor. As a 5 Star Spa, we seek exquisite talent and potential within all of our team members and integrity is a major value that we track and look for in our hiring process.  As a result, our team is overflowing with authentic, radiant and powerful people, all of whom have a strong connection to themselves and to each other.  As a team we return again and again to our foundational roots and our core values as a reminder of what connects and drives us.  We strive individually and collectively to clarify our own inner values and to fine tune our inner compass to live lives of integrity!  As individuals and as a team, how can we hold integrity with reverence? 


Integrity is one of our powerful core values and for good reason. How can we possibly have people on the team who are not honest and authentic when it comes to helping you heal? It is important to us that we help you from a deep place of integrity and wholeness, not one of simply trying to upsell and make money. 


Could we make more money off of what we offer? Certainly, we could charge for every little extra thing we offer, push hard on you to buy products you don’t really need and try to upsell you at every turn, but profit isn’t our main motivator at Relax!, helping people live better lives is! So we only recommend products that will help you, we do lots of little things for free like hot towels and aromatherapy, and we don’t hard sell an upsell. We try to get you scheduled with what you need from the get-go and make your massage and facial appointments right the first time. We know that profit comes after you treat people right! 


    We invite you to explore your own relationship with integrity and to get curious about where it leads you.  What does morality feel like in your body?  Do you feel that you are being honest with yourself?  In what ways can you be more fully and honestly YOU?  Our team at Relax is here to support you!  Do you need to slip away from your regular routine for a spa day? We hope you come in again soon to receive the life enhancement that you deserve. Give us a call at 910-262-1122 to book your next service today! 

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