Spring is the perfect time to focus on increasing the turnover rate of our skin. Skin is our protection from toxins, free radicals, and UV rays. Brand new skin cells are constantly being generated in the deepest layers of our skin, while the outer layers die and lie dormant on the surface. It is our job to remove those dead cells, so that they don’t fall into our pores and create acne or stay on the surface and create a dull, dry, wrinkly appearance. Depending upon our skin type, we should do a quick home exfoliation 2-3 times per week after we cleanse and tone our skin, usually in the evening.

A full cycle of skin turnover in a person in their 20’s takes about 28 days. However, as we age this cycle can slow to as long as 128 days. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for us to exfoliate as we age. A good steady rate of exfoliation can increase an older person’s skin turnover rate to that of a much younger person. The outcome of this is that we experience much softer, smoother, more radiant skin with fewer blemishes, lines and wrinkles and dark spots. The Skinscript Raspberry Refining Scrub polishes and energizes the skin with the antioxidants raspberry and marionberry, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits while promoting this clear, healthy skin appearance, while a monthly visit to your esthetician for a Uniquely Yours Facial will provide your skin with the treatment it needs to increase its turnover rate and its youthful appearance.

Bonnie Bellinger
Licensed Esthetician
Relax Massage Therapy and Skincare