Grounded: Do You Know How to be Present?

The concept of “being grounded” has become a common phrase, yet what exactly does it mean?  And why is groundedness so important to the foundational structure of Relax’s team that it would end up in our circle of core values?  


    Sometimes the best way to explore something is to get curious about its opposite.  When we are not grounded, there is a tendency to be “out of it”, disconnected, oblivious and absent.  Groundedness is one’s capacity to be present in your body and in the moment. It’s also about your willingness to expand your capacity to remain as present as consistently as possible.  


    It is very common in our modern society to live outside of our bodies and to over-inflate the importance of the mind; planning, progress and goal oriented thinking, all of which have their place of importance.  Meanwhile, what is often overshadowed in this quest for perpetual forward movement is the invitation to be in the moment and where we are.  The quickest way back to the body is through the breath and through sensation.  These age-old “tools” that we have with us all the time are consistent invitations to “wake up” out of the slumber of living on autopilot and invite us to animate our lives through presence and embodiment.  


    The work we do at Relax requires that our entire team, from the front desk staff,  massage therapists and estheticians, and management, have groundedness.  The core value posters are reminders to the team to return to these values, and with this value in particular, to return to the innate wisdom of the body. It is very important to us that when we are working on you, that you can feel the difference we bring by being present for you. 


    Have you ever had the experience of sharing something with someone only to notice that they are not paying attention and are distracted?  How did this feel?  In turn, have you ever had the experience of sharing something with someone only to see them fully present, available and allowing for the entirety of your expression and experience?  The difference here is one’s capacity to be grounded.  Being grounded expands our capacity to be present and to be active and available participants in our own lives rather than being taken for the ride.  


    What is your unique relationship with “groundedness”?  What are some ways that you would like to invite more of a sense of groundedness in your day-to-day life?  Our team encourages you to explore what works best for you.  Many people find that exercise and movement is one of the quickest ways to drop from the busyness of the mind into the presence of the body.  Other people might explore meditations, coloring books or other various activities to bridge from thinking to feeling.  It is likely no surprise to you that we have a favorite way to get grounded, and it is to receive a massage!  As always, we have your back and would love to continue to support you on your healing journey and your capacity to feel at home in your own skin.  Call our front desk team today to schedule your next service with one of our phenomenal team members!  910.262.1122. 

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