“Gah! I’ve had this incessant ache in my neck for months, now, and nothing I try makes it any better. What should I do now?” Does this seem like a question you, or someone you know has asked with increasing frequency over the last several months? Despite the fact that it is the one of the most enjoyable things you can do to benefit your body and overall health, massage is often used as a last resort for pain relief. When doctors and drugs fail, people will finally turn to massage to get rid of pain, whether it is acute or chronic. Acute pain is a sharp, almost pinpoint pain that typically results from an injury. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is a more lasting pain that is often a result of acute pain left unchecked. Chronic pain will usually have a more diffuse, achy feel to it. The thing that sets chronic pain apart from acute, however, is the fact that this pain takes longer than the average amount of time to heal.
There are several characteristics that chronic pain has. First and most common among them is the pain is similar to the initial acute pain, except it lingers. It tends to affect a more general area rather than a location you can point to with your finger. Chronic pain can also be the result of a sedentary lifestyle; this physical inactivity, coupled with the constant pain can often lead one to experience feelings of depression and social isolation. Obviously when you have a constant pain in your back, neck or shoulder, it can be difficult to sleep as well. Many people just try to “deal with it” and end up suffering for months before they seek aid for their incessant pain. Enter massage therapy.
Massage can help alleviate the pain you have been suffering with for months by virtue of the way it works. Since chronic pain is typically more spread out over a wide area, a full-body massage is a perfect way to address each area of discomfort. With proper communication, the massage therapist can be directed to where it feels the worst and concentrate in that general area, slowly and gently working the soft tissue back into its proper position. Not only will the concentrated therapy help that particular pained spot, but the overall relaxation provided by the massage can help the body relax and let go of the tension it has been unconsciously holding in as a result of the pain. The chance to fully relax will help you feel better, more calm, and more healthy overall than you have felt in months! So if you or someone you know has been suffering from chronic pain, make sure they go and get a good massage to make the pain just melt away!