Hello, my name is Elyza Barfield.  I have had a passion for healing for as long as I can remember. As a small child my mom would take us to the dollar store to pick out a few items and I remember grabbing markers, poster board and lotion, just to come home and write down my foot rub prices. I would make foot rubs and do massages on my family and friends as I grew up. Acts of service and healing have been innate since I was a child, and have transpired into my career!


Now, as a massage therapist, I can transform this desire to help others into helping you heal and feel fabulous through massage. My gift is in total body healing and wellness. I love to take a custom massage and create a truly unique experience for you. I look forward to helping you feel fabulous soon at Relax! 


Check out my 2 truths and a lie on our Facebook page.  The answer is: The lie is number 1. The truth is I have never left the country.

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