Don’t miss this chance to enhance your romance! Couples massage is a wonderful way to build intimacy with your partner. We have several different options, so choose the one that is best for you and your beloved, or you and your best friend. If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift or a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day, this is it.

Couples Massage: Escape and unwind side-by-side with a couple’s signature massage for two. A perfect way to nourish yourself, your relationship, and your love!  Both massages happen simultaneously and in one of our larger couples’ rooms to accommodate two tables.  As always, our therapists bring all their skills to the table to help both you and your partner to leave feeling more relaxed, more embodied, and more connected to each other.  Prices range from $225.00 to $$379.00.

A Unique and Different Couples Massage:

Rather than receiving massages side-by-side, this is the ultimate couples massage experience where you start to hone your own healing touch and learn to massage each other.  Throughout the session, we teach you basic techniques, body mechanics, and communication skills.  Not only do you have a great time giving and receiving… you also go home with the knowledge of how to connect with each other through massage. Two Hour session – $188.00.

The Champagne and Chocolate Couples Massage:

The ultimate couples’ package to celebrate love in all of its forms!

Step out of the daily momentum of modern life and take some time for rest, relaxation, and connection with your partner.  Unwind side by side for a couples massage in one of our larger rooms to accommodate two tables. Continue to relax and unwind after your massages in cozy robes while enjoying decadent chocolates with your choice of beverages from our rotating menu.  Prices range from $323.00 to $383.00.

🍺 Craft Beer Couples Massage:

This package goes out to our craft beer lovers!  Take time with your partner to unwind side by side on separate tables as you both enjoy the undivided attention of our massage therapists.  After your massages are complete you will be offered cozy robes and slippers and will have extra time to indulge in locally crafted beer and pretzels!  Prices range from $323.00 to $383.00.

🥂 The BFF’s Happy Hour Couples Massage:

Best friends come in all kinds of packages and we want to celebrate all of them!  This special package invites you and your best friend to step out of the busyness of life together and to take time to actively relax with a massage side by side followed by extra time to enjoy savory and sweet snacks with your choice of beverages from our rotating menu.  Prices range from $323.00 to $383.00.

Please call 910-262-1122 to book couple massages. Prices vary by type of massage and package.

*** Due to limited availability, all couples’ massages must be paid for at the time of booking. ****