Hi there! My name is Cindy Qin,  In this fast-paced life, I know that people work very hard, and that driving, sitting at a computer for long periods of time, playing sports, etc, often cause neck, shoulders, low back, and hip muscles to be tight and sore! For deep tissue massage, I think it is very important for a massage therapist to find out exactly where the pain is and release the pain! I’m glad to be able to make the clients feel relaxed during the treatment, and reduce the pain! Many of my clients are surprised that I have strong hands, but don't worry, I can adjust my pressure to fit your needs!

LMBT #17894

See what our customers are saying about Cindy:


Very clean, professional and warm atmosphere. I haven't had a massage that good in years....Cindy was excellent! She has the gift of hands and an intuition that allows her to balance a deep tissue massage with a relaxing therapeutic massage. I doubt I'll ever go anywhere else again. I thought they drugged me by the time I stumbled out of there all disoriented but it turns out that that's how a real massage is supposed to be.


Cindy is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever had. The trigger point massage is unlike any other massage I’ve received, and my visit there was the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep during a massage! I will definitely be returning.


I have been struggling with neck pain for a long time and I decided, that I would indulge in a couples massage. One, for my beau’s birthday and two, because why not? We were greeted by such a relaxing and soothing, welcoming environment with subtle essential oils permeating the room. The receptionist was kind and patient and when it was time to get started with our massage we met our masseuses who greeted us with such courtesy, respect and most importantly, smiles. My masseuse was Cindy, she really paid attention to what my body needed. Before I could even ask her to go deeper or firmer on tight spots I had, she was way ahead of me. Her variation with light and firm massages really helped my muscles loosen up and I literally became jello when she got to my neck! I think I even passed out at one time and woke up later. Lol, needless to say, I had never felt so relaxed!
Brandy, my beau’s masseuse was very attentive to his therapy needs. She was funny, kind and hip. She definitely knew what she was doing to relax those muscles! Her pressure was perfect, she had a gentle touch and necessary firm grip. Enough to loosen up his sore back! It really took us a moment to get back to reality when they were done.
And at the door, they even had water and chocolate ready! This is such a wonderful place to go for your massages! I have yet to try a facial, and I am excited! 10/10 would recommend!