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At Relax! Massage Therapy and Skin Care, we have created a unique environment for our clients and our team. Our spa has been mindfully designed to serve as a healing oasis for Wilmington.   

It is our goal to attract and retain the very best therapists and support staff in Wilmington. Our team is growing and we are always accepting applications.

We are seeking warm and welcoming individuals who can maintain a guest-centric approach in an award winning spa. This is an exciting opportunity for a detail-oriented and guest service-driven team player who strives to create serenity and healing for all of our guests.

Our Mission is to touch 1,000,000 lives for good over the next ten years. Do you want to be a part of a team who loves to serve? To get a better feel for who we are, check out our Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity      (Are you making decisions with Integrity?)
  • Respect      (Are you treating others with Respect?) 
  • Love            (Are your actions based in Love?)
  • Grounded   (Are you seeking ways to stay Grounded?)
  • Positive      (Are you a Glass half Full or Empty?)
  • Teamwork  (Are you a Team Player?) 

We do not offer cookie cutter massages at Relax! We want you to bring your own unique style. Not sure what your style is yet? We can help you find your true you! 

Our only requirement (besides the fact that you must give a fabulous massage) is you are available to work 20 + hands on hours a week, including weekends, especially Saturdays and some evenings. 

We welcome you to send us an email at!  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, tell us about yourself and tell us  why you chose massage therapy as your career. Please also include a resume if you have one.


Why Does Our Team Love Working for Relax Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapist


"I love the ability to give a quality, totally customized massage. I love having the time in between clients to send them off without rushing and being able to clean properly! I also love feeling supported and appreciated by the overall environment at Relax! Thank you!"

Massage Therapist


"I love my coworkers..i.speak.from the heart when I say I'm honored and humbled to be grouped with these amazing and talented therapists."

Massage Therapist


"What I have loved about working with Relax has been the talented and dedicated therapists and staff, as well as the diverse clientele. With such a large group at any given time, it has been awesome to experience how well everyone has worked together. When I had questions, it was always fairly easy to find someone to help me or direct me to those who could help. I have also appreciated how much everyone has cared for each other, and I have been continually amazed at how quickly reception would fill the schedule! All that combines to be a workplace where your only limitation on how busy you are is how much time you open up! You can tell that a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into Relax, and it has been a rewarding experience to have worked here!"

Massage Therapist


"Along with what everyone else has already said, I love the ability to truly be myself as a therapist and bring whatever modalities/passions I want into the office, and feel totally supported in doing so. Some businesses try to box you in to fit their "mold", but this company thrives on individuality and freedom. Self-motivation and accountability are key in succeeding in this business, but for me personally, that same accountability gives me so much job security and confidence in myself and how much I've grown since joining this team 4 years ago."

Massage Therapist


"Hi! … What I love about working with Relax is the amazing support team we have from front desk to behind the scenes, the flexibility in scheduling and work hours, the desirable pay structure, and our wonderful clients. It is also a beautiful setting to be in every day. A lot of care has gone into creating Relax. I am thankful to be a part of it all!"