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At Relax Massage & Skin Care, we have created a unique environment for our clients and our team. Our spa is a mindful oasis that serves as a healing center for Wilmington.

It is our goal to attract and retain the very best therapists and support staff in the city. Our team is growing along with our success and reputation as Wilmington’s top healing center. We are seeking warm and welcoming individuals who can maintain a guest-centric approach in an award winning spa. This is an exciting opportunity for a detail-oriented and service-driven team player who strives to create serenity and healing for all of our guests.

Our Mission is to touch 1,000,000 lives for good over the next ten years. Ask us about how we will accomplish this in your interview!

Our warm and nurturing culture is a point of pride for all of our teammates. Everyone here carries themselves with an open heart and we all work to make each other as comfortable as possible.

Bring Your Own Style!

We do not offer cookie cutter massages at Relax! We want you to bring your own unique style. Not sure what your style is yet? We can help you find yours and then help you to market it. Our only request (besides the fact that you must give a fabulous massage) is you are available to work 15 + hands on hours a week, including Saturdays and/or Sundays, and some evenings.

Grow Your Book of Business

As one of Wilmington’s top massage therapy and skincare providers, we have a very steady stream of high demand for our services. New therapists are welcomed with lots of perks, but we take pride in how quickly we can fill your calendar and help you to build your own reputation as an exceptional provider. 

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – Make all your decisions with integrity and connect with direct, authentic communication.
RESPECT – Treat guests, teammates, and above all – yourself – with respect.
LOVE – Base your actions on love.
PRESENCE – Stay grounded and present to better serve.
POSITIVITY – Always live to see the good in every situation and opportunity.
TEAMWORK – All for one and one for all – once you’re in, you are a member of our community.

We are not a Franchise!

At a time in Wilmington’s evolution when franchises are dotting our landscape and diluting the soul of the town, Relax! remains a proudly independent, family run business. Working with us allows you the freedom to bring your own beautiful color to our family and adapt your style as time goes on. Where the franchise spas will box you into conformity, we want you to join us and flourish.


Franchise vs. Independent:


Franchise Relax! 
Rigid schedules with minimum hours Flexible schedules and work/life balance
Low hourly pay % of billings plus tips and commissions
Quotas on repeat business Bonuses for repeat business
Strict therapy guidelines Freedom to adapt and grow
Commercial setting Warm, family vibe and elegant decor
Finite earning potential Multiple revenue streams, career coaching
Not fun. Extremely fun!

Staff Testimonials

Why Does Our Team Love Working for Relax Massage Therapy?

Jodi, Massage Therapist

“Why do I love working at Relax? It’s My Home Away From Home! As a Wilmington transplant it took me a while to find my “Tribe of People”; where I felt safe and comfortable to be myself while also practicing what I’m passionate about while helping others feel their best! When I joined the Relax team, I hit the Jackpot!

Everything about it is welcoming. The Atmosphere. The Staff. The Other Massage Therapists. Even the Clients! Literally everyone is Friendly, Welcoming, and very willing to help. I love working with a team who works together.

Bella, Esthetician

“I absolutely love working here, it’s such a wonderful work place filled with some amazing healers! Every therapist has their own unique style that I’ve been able to learn from and I am so grateful to be able to work with them. Relax has been such a great place to work and grow as an esthetician. 

We also have an amazing management team that makes sure we are taken care of and a lovely front desk team! I am very honored to be able to work in such a unique, healing place!”

Gigi, Massage Therapist

“I really enjoy working at Relax! My clients are extremely nice and caring. The support and caring from management is comforting and friendly, and I enjoy the rooms I’m in. Very spacious and inviting. The therapists I work with are nice as well and I always feel welcome and happy to come to work.”

Working With Us

Work as a Contractor!

In addition to the benefits of working at a successful, independent establishment, all therapists at Relax! are independent contractors which affords you a lot of benefits: 

  • Contractors make their own schedules from windows of available hours
  • Contractors are paid a generous percentage of total billings (40% – 50% DOE) plus tips, addons and commissions
  • Overhead is covered! Rent, advertising, administration, equipment, linens, oils/back bar, and everything in between is taken care of for you
  • You pay taxes on your earnings, but contractors enjoy lots of deductions and credits to come out far ahead of salaried employees
  • Bonuses for repeat business, upsells, commissions, tips, are all paid out biweekly via direct deposit as part of your standard invoice


How We Support You

From helping you set up as a contractor to filling your books with all the work you can take on, our owners and administrative team will work with you step by step as you get up and running! Our crack team of managers will get you oriented and help you find success quickly. Support includes:

  • Scheduling optimization – identify the best hours to work with the time you’re prepared to give
  • Therapy reviews and recommendations for success
  • Contractor setup forms – complete walkthrough
  • Tax planning support
  • License and insurance guidance
  • Invoicing steps (template provided)
  • Direct deposit for invoice payments
  • Systems training for scheduling, SOAP notes, upsells
  • Business coaching (optional training to maximize income and growth)
  • Immaculate facilities and exceptional support staff
  • Friendship and social/emotional support as a member of our family

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to connect about joining our team? Please send an email to
If you have a resume, please include it. 

We will follow up with two meeting requests:

1) A 10-15 minute call with a manager to go through some basic questions about your schedule, experience, and culture fit.
2) A deeper dive with a larger group to talk about our team, our processes and how you will find success here at Relax!

We look forward to speaking with you!

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