Hi! My name is Alex Engberg. I moved to Wilmington all the way from Nebraska. I am a licensed esthetician with a burning passion to make people feel as confident as they can in their skin. I have been drawn towards this industry since I found out what a skin care routine was.  I would play around with different products searching for the "miracle product" that would cure all of the issues I was facing.

The truth is, there are no miracle products or treatments, but I have found with the right amount of care, you can tackle just about any impurity or imperfection.  I offer a range of services from customized facials to fit your specific needs to full body waxing, to las extensions that make you wake up feeling like a million bucks.

There is so much misinformation on the internet about skin care. Come visit with me and let's find a routine that will actually work and carter to your  skin because just like you, you skin is one of a kind.  There is no one size fits all in life so there's definitely not in skin care either.

See you soon!

Licensed Esthetician #22660