Dr. Gretchen Rivas, D.Ac, LMBT

Hello! I’m Gretchen Rivas, owner of Relax! Massage Therapy & Skin Care. My passion for massage grew out of a personal experience in 2000 when I received a really bad massage! Massage is supposed to help people, and I knew I could do that. I went back to school and after graduating I opened my massage practice. After being a one-person business for many years, I added additional massage therapists when I went back to acupuncture school and needed help caring for clients while I was gone. Relax! Massage Therapy & Skin Care was still operating out of my home office until 2012, when I took a leap of faith and moved the massage and acupuncture practice to its current locations in Oleander Office Park behind Flaming Amy’s. A year later the practice expanded and added additional space upstairs for couples' massage. In 2017-18 we expanded another 1,700 square feet, added six additional rooms, and aesthetician services. Now, our massage practice has 10 treatment rooms, three couples massage rooms, and our Infinity Acupuncture is in another building across the parking lot.

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Our Therapists

Relax! Massage Therapy & Skin Care has many experienced massage therapists that are here for you. With a multitude of different skills, training and healing modalities, there is someone here to help you with any problem you may encounter. Whether you need to relax and unwind, get a specific issue worked on, or get your skin looking gorgeous, our team can help. We operate from a place of compassion and genuine concern for our clients, so relax, you are in good hands. Take a minute and meet the team below. Please call or book online with any of these talented therapists.

Stephanie Arnold

Hey, y’all! My name is Stephanie! I have had the privilege to be a full time massage and bodywork therapist here at Relax! since 2017. I am honored to have been nominated in the top 3 Wilmington's "Best Massage Therapist" by Encore Magazine for both 2019 and 2020.

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Heidi Horn

My name is Heidi. I moved to North Carolina from upstate New York a few years ago to continue my passion for massage and gain new life experiences in a new city. I developed a passion for massage therapy at a young age.

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Cindy Qin

"I moved here from China with my husband three years ago. Because English is not my first language, I knew when I decided to go back to school to study massage that it would be a challenge..."

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Jodi Bunting

"Hi! My name is Jodi Bunting. I am a Massage Therapist here at Relax! Massage Therapy and Skincare. I am from a small town here in NC. I moved to the Wilmington area..."

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Megan Mullen

Hello, my name is Megan. I’ve always loved helping people, and as a CNA, I learned deep compassion and caring as I helped my client's...

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Johnny Butler 

Hi, my name is Johnny and I have been a massage therapist since March 2001. They say “if you love what you do, than you will never work a day in your life.”

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Kelly Hall

Hi..I'm Kelly and I love massage...I mean ..really love it...so much so that 7 years ago I decided to go back to school and become a therapist after 20 years as a dental assistant. I love the peace and joy of the while experience knowing that I can help someone feel better. It's a great feeling.

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Andrea Case

Hello! My name is Andrea and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2009, after devoting time to raising my three daughters. Massage therapy has helped so much with management of my own chronic pain issues due to old injuries that I naturally had to share its healing benefits with others!

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Jennifer Wakefield

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I’ve been passionately working as a massage therapist in Atlanta for the last 8 years.

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Robert Lobosky

Hi, I’m Rob! I’m originally from Indiana and I’m an Army veteran who chose the path of massage therapy because I love knowing how beneficial massage can be for veterans, both physically and emotionally.

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Beth Patrick

HI! My name is Beth and when I first entered massage school, I had no idea whether or not I would even like touching people. After a few weeks of school, I was hooked.

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Anna Sans

Hi, my name is Anna and I received my license to practice massage in 2011, upon graduation from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

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Des Yeager

Hi! My name is Des Yeager and I am a licensed Esthetician who graduated from San Jose City College Esthetics program. Suffering from skin sensitivities my whole life lead me down the road to becoming the skin care professional I am today.


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Relax! Front Desk Staff ~ We Are Here To Help You!

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