A High 5 for Positivity

Every moment, we have a choice, and how we choose moment to moment creates the storyline of our lives.  The concept that “perception is a choice” has gained more and more traction and offers a heavy dose of empowerment to individuals when leaned into and explored.  We do not choose our circumstances, but we do choose how to respond to them.  For obvious reasons, we look for team members who know how powerful their perception is and make an active choice to lean into positivity.  Positivity is a critical core value that keeps our wheels turning at Relax!  


    Have you ever walked into a room and felt the dense, heavy, residual energy from whatever conversation was happening?  Just the same, have you ever walked into a room that felt an all pervasive sense of calm, warmth and kindness?  Our team at Relax is very aware that a big part of our job is to set the tone of the spa, which requires all of our team members to be on top of their inner work.  Rather than the requirement to “always look on the bright side”, which isn’t sustainable or possible, long term… we honor the full expanse of life in all of its blessings and challenges.  At our team meetings, we regularly discuss ways to honor what is happening in our life (especially when we are moving through challenges) while also being able to come into work and be a positive and welcoming presence, which requires an immense amount of self awareness and self responsibility.  


    We encourage team members to find the tools and resources that best support them, be it therapy, meditation, yoga, massage, the beach or whatever serves them best in dealing with life.  We want them to expand their ability to come into work as a place of service for the community. Providing a healing oasis for a community as large as Wilmington requires a strong, nourished and positive team that is ready to offer world class services to every client who walks through our doors. 


    Daily we expand our capacity to leave our personal dramas at the door and to come into the spa ready to greet our clients and offer top notch services.  Keeping the spa welcoming, warm and inviting is one of our top priorities as we continue to open our arms and doors to the Wilmington community.  We are curious what your favorite tools and resources are for discharging stress and negativity?  Of course, it’s not surprising that we recommend booking a massage with one of our highly skilled therapists.  The increased circulation, relaxation and other benefits from massage help to counteract the effects of stress and tension from day to day life.  We have your back, Wilmington!  Give us a call today at 910.262.1122.

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