8 Dimensions of Wellness – #8 Mental and Emotional Health

We have made it across the dimensions to the 8th dimension of mental and emotional health and wellbeing!  The last stop on our exploration, but far from the least important. Mental and emotional health have been gaining traction as the importance of self care, therapy and self regulation skills have become more accepted as part of a balanced and healthy life.  

As we’ve highlighted in each dimension, there is a unique invitation to explore your own relationship with these aspects of health and wellbeing.  How do you care for your own mental and emotional health? What are some ways that you would like to expand your approach? 

            For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about “mental health” is therapy or counseling.  Many people find a wellspring of support within the structure of therapy and find that with the guidance of the right therapist, that they are able to move through grief, heal old traumas and hurts as well as re-approach lifestyle choices and other factors that contribute to overall wellbeing and happiness.  

Mental and emotional health care can show up in a variety of ways beyond talk therapy such as self care routines, creative arts and even martial arts.  Although not often seen as an avenue to support mental health, massage and acupuncture are actually great ways to support your brain by calming you, taking you out of chronic “fight or flight” and into deep levels of “rest and digest”. 

A few ways to amp up mental and emotional health:

  • Start a meditation practice!  Whether this is taking 5 min of quiet daily to give your mind a break or a structured practice of breath awareness of visualization… consistency is the key.  Pick a practice and stick with it to allow it time to offer you benefits!  
  • Find a therapist in your area or online. There are more avenues available now than ever before. 
  • Prioritize rest.  In a society that perpetually applauds efficiency and productivity, it can feel like a revolutionary act to stop the momentum of the day to rest or take care of yourself.  Every person has a different innate flow throughout the day, and we invite you to get curious around what sleep/wake/nap schedule is most beneficial for you! 
  • Expand your capacity to deal with stress!  How do you let off steam?  Beyond “right” and “wrong” ways, look for the times in your life where you feel that you have efficiently moved through intensity with precision.  What practices did you pull from?  
  • Stay Connected.  A big part of mental and emotional health lies in our need for connection and contact with others.  How can you create more room for love and connection in your life?  How can you emphasize the closest and most nourishing connections in your life? 
  • Get regular massage and/or acupuncture to counter the stresses of life. 

Our team at Relax encourages you to get curious around your unique relationship with mental and emotional health and find a few ways to turn up the volume.  As always, we would love to hear from you and are always here to support you in relaxing and letting go of unnecessary tensions and stress!  We have your back, Wilmington!  (Literally and figuratively!)

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