8 Dimensions of Wellness – #7 Environmental Health

We are a product of our environment.  We are inextricably connected to the world around us and are deeply impacted and influenced by our surroundings.  This 7th dimension expands across the environment we create in our homes, our community, and our work environment, to the quality of our air, water and soil.  Environmental health focuses on the “natural and built environments” that influence and impact our lives.  Are there little tweaks and shifts you can make in your life to offer yourself a boost?

    Recycling, using non-toxic products, minimizing excessive transportation and getting curious about renewable energy and resources are ways that we can collectively be a part of living on this planet more sustainably and collaboratively.  These little steps, if taken by many, create massive waves of change.  We encourage you to explore the ways that feel right for you and to find your action steps to implement changes in your life.  

    What environment have you created for yourself to come home to?  Ponder the energetic and physical environment that surrounds you.  Our homes are very personal, hold our belongings, our families, our joys and our sorrows.  Have you ever cleaned out a closet that you have been ignoring for a while and felt a sudden burst of energy and clarity?  How does it feel when you walk into your front door and your space is clean and serene?  Each of us have our preferences as to what our space feels like, so for some, “clean” is not the goal.  Our team at Relax encourages you to get curious about what your goals are and what your space needs for the boost you seek?  


    Our team at Relax would love to share some of our tips on how to give any space a coziness boost:

  1. Notice the lighting.  Emphasize any natural light with soft sheer curtains, incorporate salt lamps, candles or lamps that strike your fancy.
  2. Invite sensory items into your space like soft blankets, weighted items, and big pillows.
  3. Bring more life into your space with freshly cut flowers, opened windows for fresh air, live plants and pet friends to cuddle and adore. 
  4. Notice the sounds in your space by simply listening to it.  Get curious about what your space needs, if anything.  Playing nature sounds, waves, gongs or chimes can be a great place to start to consciously encourage your space to feel more inviting, cozy and warm.  


        What is your personal relationship with the environment around you?  What aspects of environmental health feel most resonant to you?  Notice the tugs, and follow them!  We as humans have the opportunity to tend to the environments around us, and the options to do so are endless!  Whether you choose to clean out a junk drawer, carpool, incorporate natural lighting or research new music that soothes your soul… may we all create spaces that hold us and remind us of our innate connection to the world around us, and each other.

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