8 Dimensions of Wellness – #6 Vocational Health

The 6th dimension of Vocational Health invites us to explore our relationship to our work in the world and dives into the subjective realms of satisfaction and fulfillment.  There is an art to discerning what passions to follow, what skills to sharpen and what qualities and talents to nurture.  No job holds the keys to eternal happiness, yet the importance and major influence of our work on our lives can’t be overlooked!  For many, vocational health is an opportunity to deconstruct what we were told to do, or told to be, and to remember the heartbeat and essence of who we truly are.    


 What are your innate superpowers and skills?  What have you been told your whole life in regards to your talents and expertise? Have you been told positive or negative things? Are there any “nudges” or “itches” that you have ignored that you wish to explore and consider?  Vocational health allows you to explore the relationship between your work in the world and your experience of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. 


Explore the following statements as a way to get curious about your relationship with vocational health.  Do you agree, disagree or somewhere in between?  


  • I am happy with my career or job choice.
  • I look forward to going to work.
  • My job responsibilities and duties are in alignment with my values.
  • My job gives me personal satisfaction.
  • I am happy with the professional and personal growth opportunities in my career/ job.
  • I feel my job allows me to make a difference in the world.


Notice that these questions emphasize your unique relationship with your work in the world rather than society’s perception of job titles.  Vocational health is an opportunity to remember your essence, what lights you up, what means the most to you in the world, and an invitation to integrate that feeling into the work that you do, whatever your job/career might be.  

Our team at Relax invites you to explore your own unique relationship to vocational health.  How can you actively expand satisfaction and fulfillment when it comes to your work in the world?  In what ways can you spark joy within the realms of your work as a way to expand meaning in your life?

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