8 Dimensions of Wellness – #2 Physical Health

As part of our exploration of the 8 Dimensions of Health, today we are going to discuss Physical Health and ways you can be in your body comfortably.

      Physical health by far receives the most publicity and emphasis in our modern world.  The body is an intersection point for all of the dimensions of wellness to come together.  The importance of physical health cannot be emphasized enough, and equally important is that it cannot be isolated from the other 7 dimesions.  The body is where all aspects of who we are come together, and it is through physicality that we are able to locate and live in the present moment through sensation and feeling. 


      In what ways do you take care of your body?  The invitation to come into closer relationship with the physical aspect of who we are holds the doors open wide!  Daily movement is profoundly important to physical health in regards to maintaining mobility, flexibility and endurance and can look a million different ways.  From walking around the block, to a yoga class, to the gym, to moving through the stretches and movements that your massage therapist or acupuncturist recommended for you… each day is an opportunity to take care of our bodies in a new way.  

Remember, you can improve your caretaking of your body at ANY age! 


      Nutrition plays a huge role in physical health.  Get curious about what foods you choose to fuel your body and how much water you drink.  There is no one perfect diet for all people, although moving away from highly processed, artificially flavored and chemically altered foods would assist immensely in overall health and wellness, and is a great start.  Many dieticians point to the rainbow for inspiration when it comes to our plates.  The wide array of colors available through fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, legumes, grains and beyond is incredible!  The inclination for “quick and easy” is strong, so be gentle with yourself as you transition and train your tastebuds to appreciate and enjoy the flavors of a diet more prominent in whole, nutrient-dense foods.  


      An additional way to be gentle with yourself is to watch how you talk to yourself about your physical body. So often we say things to ourselves we would NEVER say to a friend. “I’m too fat, look at those hips, this belly is awful, I hate my ____, I wish I was more_____, etc.” Think again before you talk in a derogatory tone to yourself. When you catch yourself, you can ask, “Would I say that to my friend at work?” If the answer is NO, then you deserve as much if not more love, consideration and kindness as your friend. Be loving to this body you’re in, it’s the only one you have. How do you want to feel in it? 


       So, whether you wish to spice up an already existing movement routine, want to drink an extra glass of water a day, ditch sodas or wish to lean towards healthier, more nutrient dense meals, we invite you to join us in our quest for a more fulfilling and collaborative relationship with our bodies and our physical health!  


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