8 Dimensions Of Wellness – #1 Intellectual Health

There is often a tendency to perceive wellness, health and healing in a linear and goal oriented fashion. Our modern society highlights physical appearance and physical health while the importance of the invisible aspects of wellness are often overshadowed and underemphasized.  What would happen if we were to expand our perception of “wellness” wide enough to not only include the importance of physical health but also to include our mental, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial and environmental health, as well?  


    Our team at Relax would love to take the next 8 weeks to explore these dimensions of wellness and to consciously expand our perception and our experience of what wellness is, and how we can welcome more of it into our lives.   We invite you to explore your own unique relationship with each dimension as we move through them.  Most likely you will find some dimensions are quite “loud” while others might feel a bit more “quiet”.  The “goal” is not to necessarily seek an equal balance between each aspect but rather to get curious about what authentic balance feels like for you, as we each carry our own unique way of moving through the world and embodying our own wellness.  These 8 dimensions serve as an opportunity to embody and become more and more of who you are.  


Intellectual Health


    The first dimension of wellness is intellectual health and the importance of continuing to learn, to explore new information and to cultivate curiosity.  Complacency and apathy are far from the brain’s best friends.  Our brains tend to thrive when exposed to new information, new ways of thinking as well as different points of view and perception. 


    What are some ways that you can consciously invite more curiosity into your life?  Is there a passion or hobby that you have felt passionate about but haven’t had the time to explore?  A book club that you have pondered joining?  A journal that you would like to use to rekindle your love for creative writing and poetry?  When you feel your firm beliefs bumping up against others, are you willing to cultivate the curiosity to soften and perceive from their perspective?  


  Do you consider yourself a life long learner? Did you know that UNCW offers lifelong learning classes for adults who want to expand their intellectual health just for the fun of it? It’s one more way to expand your health in a way you might not have known about. Their center is called Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI for short. Check it out, they may have a class that tweaks your curiosity and interest!


   Our team at Relax invites you to explore your own unique relationship with intellectual health and if you wish, we would love to hear specific ways that you are going to actively expand curiosity in your life to foster a deeper relationship with this dimension of health. 

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