The highly anticipated Sequel to the Blog Post,

"An Insider's Viewpoint and Point of View"

When I started this job, I had received and loved massage, but I was new to acupuncture. I am afraid of needles (My friends all snickered when I told them where I worked!). I used to black out, cry hysterically, and/or run from the room if needles where involved...Yes, true story...super embarrassing. After I was referred to a "specialist" about this, I felt I needed to start the process of overcoming this anxiety. Over the years I did anything I could to help relieve myself of some of that fear. Gretchen was the first to sit with me and tell me about acupuncture. I was able to look at and hold the needle and see that it really was very tiny, like a thick hair. She gave me my first treatment, held my hand, and asked all along the way if I was OK and if I needed to stop (And Fifel was there, too of course.).

That first time I was a bundle of nerves! I was receiving for stress and I could not stop stressing out! But you know what, in all honesty, it really wasn’t bad. I lived! I lived to tell the tale. The second time, I was a little better, and even better after that. To my knowledge, I had no physical ailments that needed treatment, so I just simply went in to keep practicing and to help reduce my fear of needles. And...it...was...working...!!

It was around this time I started noticing a pattern at work in the office. When I sit in there all day long slumped over the computer, my co-workers will come up behind me and adjust my posture or feel my neck and tell me how tight it was (A bonus to working at a massage studio, neck rubs while working!). I didn’t think much about it, it was the same neck I lived with my whole life and it didn’t feel “wrong” or “unusual” to me!

One day, I was offered an acupuncture treatment for my neck and shoulder muscles. I thought, “Sure, more needle practice.” Jeff put the needles in my neck and shoulder muscles and then proceeded to attach some of the points to an electric current that pulsed and exhausted the muscles in order to release them. I promise, it was pain free! I can best relate it to feeling like someone was tapping me on the shoulder. After that very first treatment, I felt a difference.

Acupuncture has now become a routine in my healthcare. My shoulders and neck have loosened and it is much easier to hold a straight and proper posture for sitting, standing, and walking. The cherry on top was after just a couple of treatments, my own mother one day looked at me and said, “Your shoulders look flatter and your back straighter. What’s different?” Ha! People are actually noticing, not just me!

Confession, I am not good at asking for help (Those who know me, stop the eye rolling...). Sometimes it takes another person to point out when we need help. We have to take off our blinders and look at the situation from a different perspective. I have lived with my tight shoulders, neck, and back since I was little and just came to grips with the fact that this is how I am and will always be. I fell into the pressures of what the world was telling me, “Change wasn’t needed, help wasn’t necessary. You're on your own so work it out!”

Working at Relax! Massage Therapy and Infinity Acupuncture has been nothing short of an adventure! Everyday brings new challenges and people that I have the pleasure of working with and assisting to help better their lives. I have received massage and acupuncture here at our offices and I know first hand the positive effects they can have on one’s mind, body, and soul. The medical world we are used to most certainly has it’s benefits, I have been witness to that as well in my lifetime. But we live in a world that says, “Go, Go, GO!”, and looks at self-care as prideful, a waste of time and money, and time better spent filled with the other noises that occupy so much of our days.

I myself am learning each day that self-care is not selfish. You are important and are given only one body in this lifetime. Use it well. When you need help, ask, when you just want to learn a new way, even if it’s intimidating at first, reach out.

We are here to help you feel your best so you can give the world your best.

I’m only one phone call away. Let’s talk.



Until next time, be good to you and those around you.

~ Katie
Assistant Office Manager
Relax! Massage Therapy and Infinity Acupuncture