5 Things Being A Massage Therapist Has Taught Me

I became a licensed MT in 2002 and over the last 21 years, I have learned a few things about people and life that might help you too!

  1. Women care more about not shaving their legs than we do. It is hilarious how many times a day we hear, “I’m so sorry, I did not get a chance to shave my legs before I came in.” WE DO NOT CARE! We work on really hairy men all the time and a slightly hairy woman is no big deal, we promise! 
  2. People carry their problems in their physical body more than they realize, but when asked, often they intuitively know what is causing their pain. Many times I’ve asked a client, “So, what is causing all this shoulder tension?” and they will reply,” Oh, that’s my spouse, or my child, or my job, or my friend that is……” and then they will explain what is going on and why there is so much tension and stress in their body.  Often, once they’ve released verbally what is bothering them, they immediately begin to loosen up and feel better. If the load is super heavy, I always recommend additional therapy besides massage to help lighten the load. 
  3. First time massage clients, (as in the first time ever receiving massage) are the most fun. They come in nervous, a bit scared even, and unsure what to do and how to behave. Being able to put someone at ease, then rock their world in a way they’ve never experienced before, is such a great gift! It’s so fun to put someone who’s never received a massage into the “zen zone” that massage provides and see how they feel afterwards. They are never the same again! 
  4. People come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and styles but they all have one thing in common, they are human beings. Our job as massage therapists is to recognize the human spirit and honor that person inside, no matter what the outside is like. There is so much body shaming, comparing and misperception in our culture today, massage helps tremendously with personal body acceptance and love. If you’re not comfortable with your body, massage is a great way to begin to form a healthy relationship with yourself. 
  5. We live in a busy, but lonely, society. Many people never get touched on a day-to-day basis because they may live alone, live in a family that doesn’t express physical touch, or be uncomfortable with touch in general. Touch is VITALLY IMPORTANT to your mental and physical health. Think about the last time you were touched in a compassionate way, can you remember? If not, it is time for you to get some healthy, compassionate touch so you too can feel the love that the Universe has to offer. Trust me, you will thrive with regular care. 

I hope these 5 points help you understand how important you are and how massage can help you feel anchored, safe and sane in an often crazy world.

 We are here to help in any way we can. 

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~ Gretchen Rivas, LMBT, D.Ac

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