4 Ways to Welcome 2022 in a Relaxed Way! Tip # 4

Tip # 4 Ehem!  Our Specialties: Massage, Acupuncture and Facials of Course!   

Our specialties for a more relaxed approach to life are massage, acupuncture and facials!  The health benefits of all of these treatments are endless.  

Massage supplies the basic human need for touch, increased blood circulation, increased lymphatic flow, the release of fascial adhesions and tension and an overall sense of relaxation, calm and ease.  Many of our clients tell us that their massage sessions are their time to do absolutely nothing, but to simply receive, and to step away from the momentum of the world.  Our “customized massage” is always tailored specifically to the requests of our clients and includes hot towels, optional aromatherapy,  and customized attention.  

Many people don’t understand how acupuncture can be relaxing, but it is! It’s deeply relaxing because it takes the body and mind out of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight or Flight) and gently drops you into Parasympathetic (Rest and Digest). 

Acupuncture draws from the ancient practice of Chinese medicine and perceives the body, emotions, the organs and the “meridians” in a whole new perspective and way.  Needles are placed at specific points that correspond to specific systems, organs, etc.  Our skilled acupuncturists at Infinity are trained to customize the perfect treatment to meet your unique needs and desires and can address health issues ranging from pain, anxiety, digestive issues and infertility.  

IF you’re not into massage and not sure about acupuncture yet, another great way to relax is last, but not least, facials!  Our estheticians, Alex and Stephanie, are both passionate and highly swoon worthy.  Our Signature and Deluxe Facials include top of the line products with active ingredients, massage, cold or warm towels and specialized world class attention!  Every facial is customized to the unique skin of each individual client.  Expect to be pampered and offered tools and tips for more radiant and beautiful skin.

Think about ways you can incorporate one or all of these healing modalities into your health care routine, and reap the benefits right away! To schedule an appointment for any of these services, call (910) 262-1122.

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