4 Ways to Welcome 2022 in a Relaxed Way! Tip # 3

Tip #3: Gratitude as a Superpower!

Most of us have heard the phrase, “what we focus on, grows”.  When you are looking for something you are more likely to find it, as you have attuned your mind and your awareness to track your surroundings for what it is you’re looking for.  This is where, regardless as to what is happening in our lives and world around us, we get to explore the wild importance of the “lens” that we perceive through.  This is where gratitude literally becomes a superpower.  If what you focus on grows, imagine what would happen if you were to implement a gratitude practice in your life.  

At Relax, we honor and encourage each individual to find their own, authentic approach to expanding gratitude.  A “gratitude practice” can look many different ways, and we encourage you to explore what feels best for you.  From writing in a gratitude journal daily, to verbalizing what you are grateful with a friend or family member each evening, to guided meditations… the options are endless. 

We encourage you to get curious about what might happen if you were to simply implement more gratitude into your life, perhaps even as a superpower.  As always, we would love to hear about what you choose and how it goes.  

While we are on the theme of gratitude, our team at Relax Massage Therapy and Skincare is so grateful for you.  Each day we are blown away by our clients and the community.  Thank you for supporting us in doing what we love (bodywork and facials!) so that you can live your best life in a relaxed way.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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