Tip #2:   New ways to move! 

What is your favorite way of getting out of your head and into your body? Movement and exercise are time tested tools that have assisted humans in dropping from the busyness  of the mind and into the sensations of the body and the present moment.    We would like to encourage you to begin to explore what works best for you right now  rather than what you have been told to do, or what seems to work for other people,  

From beach walks and biking, to CrossFit or ballet,  Tai Chi or Qigong, to  joining a dodgeball league… the options are truly endless.  We are here with a gentle nudge to encourage you to cultivate curiosity to find new ways to move that work for you!  

At Relax we make it a priority to honor your unique relationship with your body and the journey of clarifying and knowing what it is that you need and what truly works for you.  We strive daily to support a more relaxed approach to life and we honor that this process of embodiment is a lifelong journey and isn’t linear or fixed.  Whatever is happening in your life, movement can be used as a tool to create consistency and structure which can work wonders in the realms of self care.  Not to mention, the plethora of psychological and biological benefits that come from exercise and movement, which are also endless. 

As an experiment, explore one new form of movement that embodies what you are wanting more of in your life.  If you are wanting to feel more empowered and strong, sign up for a boxing class!  If you want more buoyancy and joy, perhaps some new outdoor sport?  More fluidity?  Check out swimming or dance.  Take some time to think outside of the box and find at least one new (to you) way to move your body. We would love to hear what you choose and how it feels for you.

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